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Internship Matching System

More and more, companies and professionals under training are finding the win-win benefits of internship. Students training to be professionals discover the importance of internship as a learning platform to prepare them for the working world. Not only do they get a chance to hone their craft, gather commercial portfolio but also gain invaluable insights into human interaction, work ethics and other real-world applications that cannot be fully expounded in the classrooms.

For companies, many feedback that the fresh insights and enthusiasm of interns offer tremendous support for their operations and even value-added segments of their organizations. Internship also helps alleviate issues caused by peak season shortage of resources and ad-hoc projects that require a boost in personnel count. In addition, many talented interns having proved their mettle in real-life projects go on to be headhunted by these companies to be full time employees.

SMBA has partnered with institutions from across Singapore to provide a Internship Matching System (IMS) that will benefit both students and employers by matching interns looking for specific jobs with employers who are looking to offer internship opportunities.

As part of this initiative, SMBA has also implemented the Intern Care Scheme (ICS) - a platform where student interns can provide feedback and also seek guidance or support in the event that they face a work-related problem they cannot solve. An officer will attend to the students in such cases and refer the student intern to relevant avenues for further assistance should it be necessary.